Two-Tone Cupcakes for Spring

Two-toned Spring Cupcakes

There’s more than one side to these cupcakes.

Get it? I made it seem like cupcakes are complex beings capable of establishing multifaceted selfhood and personality. But really they’re just two different colours.

I found this cupcake-splicer at the Otter Co-op–I think it might be made by Wilton. Make any batch of cupcakes you like, divide batter, tone with food colouring. Or if you’re averse to using food colouring, you can go classic chocolate and vanilla.

WinterSpring 2013 495

WinterSpring 2013 492 WinterSpring 2013 493  WinterSpring 2013 497 WinterSpring 2013 499 WinterSpring 2013 503

The frosting is buttercream with almond extract. A word to the wise: don’t be an arrogant baker like me and carelessly dump an entire capful of almond extract into your icing. The result will be all kinds of awful.  Here’s a picture of my cat.

Rupert the Cat

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